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The aim of this site is to provide useful information to the beginner and intermediate Forex trader in the form of our software (indicators and desktop apps), blog and a range of free resources.


Our 'Tips &Traps guide provides an understanding of what to look out for when buying trading courses or 'magic' methods that promise to make you successful.   Our 'Which PC' guide provides information about what PC you need for trading and how fast your internet needs to be as well as a few general computer tips.


We have an extensive software background which enabled us to create a number of indicators for a range of different platforms to help analyse and understand the market.  There is a large number of methods and algorithms available, we focused on simple methods providing useful information.  We also have a unique fully automated 'Sessions App' for you PC desktop to show which Forex sessions are active, no manual settings are required, it automatically adjusts for timezone and daylight saving times.


We do not provide a "magic" solution guaranteed to make you money nor do we make lavish claims to try and persuade you to buy our products.


There is a reasonable charge for our products to help cover our costs, but we also provide a range of free resources, you are welcome to just make use of the free stuff.


Oh and just for fun we have some website merchandise.


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